How many encounters, touches, shared looks, kisses, do you think it takes to know you love someone? Is it instant? Is it over a period of time? Is it when you know all the downs, plus the ups?
I didn’t know. All I knew was she was a bitch in heels, very sexy heels. She fucked with my emotions so bad, I wanted to strangle her every time she popped into my life, then fuck her senseless.
She wasn’t a constant, she was just there. When I least wanted her to be. Even when I thought I didn’t crave her, she knew better. She knew no matter what, if she were there, I would take what was given.
Her touch was my kryptonite, her hands my sin, her body my wild addiction. I couldn’t get enough and it was a problem. It would always be a problem. We don’t work. My life had plans, and I didn’t know hers. I was never given the opportunity to know hers. Her words were scripted, she knew what to say and when to say it. She never let much slip. Even with all that I fell hard, for someone I wasn’t sure I should—scrap that, for someone I knew I shouldn’t have. But then again it was too late, from the minute I saw her I just didn’t realize that she would be my undoing.
I hated her with a passion. I craved her like a fire licking its flames. I wanted the need to burn out. We weren’t destined. I knew this. Except I wanted whatever she would give me, even if I had to take it.
I stood there like I was under a spell, staring down at her sleeping form. She was always gone when I awoke. It was like she knew the instant I was asleep.
She was completely bare, not even the sheet covered her. Her skin so soft, so smooth, I wanted to never stop running my hands over it. The first time I saw her, I knew I had to have her, by the second time I saw her I’d had her. But I think she had it planned all along. Like she was drawing me in, readying me for her. She didn’t need to, I wanted her the minute I saw her and I think I will for the rest of my life.
Elina moved in her sleep. Turning so she faced me, her golden eyes still closed, hidden from me. I stepped forward wanting to touch, to take every moment she gave me, and not waste it on sleep. My hand touched her ass, her eyes peeked up at me, those heart shaped lips smirked knowing exactly what I wanted. Her body turned so she was lying on her back, showcasing all of her. She was the most confident person I’d ever met in their own skin. I knew exactly why—it was utter perfection. I tried to find a flaw, every time, just to crack her charade. It had never happened. No matter how many times I’d had her in my bed or under me.
My knees touched the bed, my hands cupped her pussy, her back arched. She knew what was to come, and she was ready for it. She was my perfect fit. Pity I couldn’t keep her. Pity I couldn’t lock her away. I wanted to. I wanted that room, the one with a steel door and a throw away key. Because all she gave me was fragments. And it wasn’t enough, it would never be enough.

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